Hello lovely friends! Thank you for joining me for the start of my journey – eek!!

So why have I decided to embark on this culinary adventure?  Well, I have always had a passion for food and travel. I love exploring different cultures, their past, traditions, people and flavours.  As children we were lucky enough to travel quite extensively.  This was normally at the last minute with a very small amount of luggage and an unknown destination.  Something I still do at any opportunity although it’s more difficult to get to do these days.

I made the decision to become vegetarian when I was eleven and from that point developed a love of cooking.  For the first two years I think I cooked Indian food and little else.  This formed a basis for understanding spices and creating depths of flavour.

After many years, I have finally taken the plunge and am taking my love of cooking and foreign flavours to a new level and set up a second  business.  ( I am also an archaeologist and a silversmith, find out more about that at Silverfish Designs). 

Feast can offer you outside catering for private functions, themed Supper Clubs – either a ticketed event at a local venue or maybe a group of good friends in your own home to celebrate a special occasion or just because! I have catered various types of event from hot food at small festivals to small cakes for business launches.

Did I mention it’s vegetarian and vegan? If necessary I might be swayed to provide the odd meat dish, but having been veggie for over 30 years that’s where my skills and preference lie.

So there we are, the journey begins here.  The exciting thing about journeys is you never know where they are going to take you and who you might meet along the way.